This Friday, May 1st, will be a national holiday for much of the world.

May Day has long been a day to celebrate the delights of Spring and coming of Summer and in the last 130 years it has also become Labour Day or International Workers Day and celebrated in many counties across Europe and the rest of the world. This year seems a more poignant one than ever to celebrate workers. 

At Universal Works, we celebrate that progress made, with our love of blue-collar workwear-inspired garments!

In todays modern times we make clothing for more contemporary reasons but still we like to remember the quality and functionality of workwear. In fact along side our contemporary menswear we have produced real working garments in the same styles and to the same quality and with the same fabrics as our normal range. Making chefs coveralls in the UK and USA, courier company uniforms in Japan, Mechanic jackets, and of course Bakers Jackets for bakers.

We don't make uniforms as a business, but when friends in other industries appreciate our quality and stylish functionality, we've worked with them to develop our UW signature garments for their own high pressure work situations.

To help celebrate International Workers Day we will be offering free International shipping over this May Day weekend. 



The Primary Bakery , Bakers in Bakers overshirts

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