*UPDATE* This passed the trail stage and is now a fully fledged service. *

Please contact reworks@universalworks.co.uk if you wish to take part.   

Over the years customers have reached out to us for advice on how to repair some of their most loved UW. garments. We believe in the art of visible repair as a great step towards prolonging the life of garments.

Recently we have been busy working with Gay at Soul and Flare a local talented seamstress and entrepreneur who has been helping us transform customer's damaged garments by visibly repairing them.

Using techniques such as visible stitching techniques and up-cycling leftover UW. trims and fabrics to repair your most-loved UW garments into a reworked unique piece. (See our case study with UW customer Ally Simpson for more details.)

We are now at the next stage of our trial, there will be a fee for the repairs + the cost of postage. The fees will be priced on a case-by case basis; for example, an elbow patch repair ranges from £17 or a patch with a darn stitch from £11. 

If you have a Universal Works garment that you think would benefit from our repairs service, please email a photo of the damaged garment that you would like to get repaired to: reworks@universalworks.co.uk 

We will provide a quote and run through the T's & C's with applicants to help assess if this is the right service for you.

*Please note, unfortunately we are only able to offer the pilot service to UK customers at this time.


Gay from Soul & Flare, helping us transform customer's damaged garments by visibly repairing them.  


Price list as a guideline:

Please note, the fees will be priced on a case-by case basis and you will be quoted by our customer service team.

Holes & Other Things:
Patching with darn from £11
Patching from £7
Elbow patching (basic) £17
Elbow patching (double) £33
Knee patching £27
Knit darning per hole £9 - £33
Pocket bag fixups £11 - £22
Pocket bag replacement £25
Seam tears £5 - £7

Zip Replacements:
(price includes zip)
Jeans, Chinos & Trouser zips £25
Coats, Jackets & Waistcoats £20 - £44

Jackets & Coats:
Replace Jacket/Coat lining from £65
Lining repairs from £5 - £16

Other Jobs:
Replacement buttons sent to you free of charge
Press studs £5
Zip fixes (not all zips need to be replaced) £7 - £11


Two examples of results from pilot 1 of visible repairs, featuring patching techniques.



  A visible repair example of patching with darn stitch technique.