We don't make 'suits' as such, but we've been packing a lot of two-pieces recently and we can't help but think wedding season has something to do with it.
Over the years, we have received many wonderful photos and messages from customers wearing UW on their wedding day. We are always delighted to hear that we can be of service for such a memorable occasion.

Here are just a few people looking great wearing Universal Works down the aisle or on the dance floor. 

 @ajayapapaya wearing UW Three Button Jacket and Military chino in Navy Topical Suiting SS21 fabric.


@ajayapapaya The groom, best man and his three groomsmen all wearing Universal Works Three Button Jacket and Military chino in Navy Topical Suiting SS21 fabric and our dotted tie. 

 @jaymomorris in Our Olive Twill London Jacket and Military Chinos.


@nickebjorkman, wearing the London Jacket. Photographer, @studiogabriellanovak 


@jimmylynch__ Wearing Bakers jacket and Double pleat Pant, @tforde_ Wearing Bakers Jacket and Military Chino in Olive Fine Twill.

@tesnitoulliou and partner wearing Olive Twill Bakers jacket and Military Chinos.


@jirehonme  wearing the Barra Jacket, Military chino, SS19 fabric.


(Left to right) @da_innis_man Barra Jacket, Military Chino.
@bigblacktrig  Three Button Jacket , Double Pleat Striped pant. 
@kojayin  London Jacket in Navy Twill, Double Pleat pant in Navy Twil.


Amalabandhu Chandler (Left) , Barra Jacket, Field waistcoat,  Short Scarf in Mustard Dot Print,  Tie in Mustard Dot Print, Pleated Pant with partner, who wears a 'Venetian piece of cloths Art!'


Left, @levi_mwright wearing, Barra Jacket In Navy Cotton Suiting II with Military Chino In Navy Cotton Suiting II.
Right @thedizzor previously worked in our London store and partner Theo wearing Three Button Jacket In Olive Ripstop Cotton, Pleated Pant In Olive Ripstop Cotton.


James Turton and partner looking amazing, James is wearing our Barra Jacket with matching suiting Double pleated pant.


@dollytriffitt Two Button Jacket in Indigo Denim Herringbone, Track Trouser in Denim Herringbone.


 @georgiyulyanov wears our Barra jacket with matching double Pleat pant.


Left, @siamakamini London Jacket in navy twill, Everyday Oxford shirt. 
Right, @greigors79 London Jacket in navy cotton twill , Military chino in navy cotton twill.


 @L0rdr0ger wearing SS21 Warmus Jacket In Ecru Sensor Recycled Cotton and Pleated Track Pant In Ecru Sensor Recycled Cotton. Photographer @brubaek .



Like we said, we don't make "suits" but if you're looking for a bit of inspiration why not head to our Relaxed Tailoring page.