Suits but not "Suits."

Introducing our latest shoot showcasing some seriously smart looks to inspire you for any upcoming occasions that require you to appear 'well turned out'.

While many of our pieces match, we don’t necessarily consider ourselves makers of 'suits' in the traditional sense of the word. Our approach to 'Suiting' nods to formal wear, but more often than not, we strip away the stiff interfacings and shoulder pads, deconstructing long-established methods to generate a more laid-back, easy-to-wear aesthetic.

To offer even more choice for your 'well turned out' look, we often make two jacket styles and two trouser styles in the same fabric. This is so that you can mix laid-back, relaxed pieces with more tailored, traditional options to suit your personal style.

One thing worth noting before you dive in: our jackets and trousers aren’t always cut from the same roll of cloth, so while you’ll definitely get matching fabric items, the shade may vary very slightly, but this all adds to the charm and individual look of a great Universal Works Suit. Enjoy!