Kvatt x Universal Works.

We are pleased to announce a partnership with innovative reusable packaging start-up, Kvatt. Kvatt is an Icelandic word for goodbye, 'goodbye to single use packaging'. Kvatt’s mission is to provide companies with reusable packaging that really works, and in doing so power circularity in businesses that deliver physical products. A new kid on the block in this rapidly expanding industry, Kvatt’s packaging is designed with longevity in mind, significantly improving upon the single-use approach many of us have become far too accustomed to. A Kvatt sack emits less CO2eq than single-use cardboard after the second use, and after 10 uses it emits 42% less. The more it is used the greater its impact.

How does it work?

It’s pretty simple. When you get to checkout you’ll be given the option to select ‘returnable packaging’, there is no charge for the service, as we’ve covered the cost. We have a list of FAQ's below.

We think responsibility is a collaborative effort. We provide the framework and process, you help to make the difference. Using Kvatt relies on a simple action from you, once you’re happy with your purchase just pop the empty sack back in the post using the label provided and you’ve been part of a journey with many other customers using the same package, significantly reducing unnecessary packaging waste.

How do I return my bag?

Every Kvatt bag has a scannable QR code with a list of instructions provided by Kvatt of how to return the bag to them - with every order you receive, you will get a free returns label from Kvatt so you can post it back to them free of charge.


If you don't have access to scan the QR code, then do not fear! We have attached below some steps on how to return your bag back to Kvatt, and thus take part in the circular system.


Once you've received your order, the most important thing is to make sure you are happy with your purchase of course! If you do not want to return all or part of your order for a return or exchange then go to the next step. If you would like to return or exchange anything from your order, then please look at our FAQ's below.


Every order you receive will come with a pre-paid returns label provided by Kvatt.


If you don't have a label, then do not worry! You can download one at the bottom of this page.


Peel off your label (or attach) it to the back of the bag, ensuring it covers the sealable area.


Once you've emptied your bag, attached your free returns label, you can return your parcel back to Kvatt via your nearest postbox. You can find your closest one here.


Is Kvatt packaging available worldwide?

Unfortunately at this stage we cannot offer Kvatt worldwide, and it is currently available to customers within the UK only. We do hope to roll this service out to more customers in the near future.

What is the cost?

The price for using Kvatt is currently £1.50 + any applicable shipping. The true cost of using the Kvatt bags is higher, however, we offset that cost ourselves.

What if I need to return items from my order for a refund or exchange?

We hope you love your new purchase, however, if you need to return your order for a refund or an exchange we are more than happy to help. Once you have packed any returned items back into the Kvatt bag, and resealed the velcro, place the returns label across the seal point, and return your parcel; you can find our returns portal here.


If you are returning your order inside a Kvatt bag for an exchange, we will send your exchange back out to you using the same Kvatt bag.


Where do I return the bag?

If you are keeping your whole order, you return the bag directly back to Kvatt. In every order, you should receive a free returns label so you can post the bag back to Kvatt directly. If you do not have this label, then you can print one off below at the bottom of this page.


Full instructions on how to return the bag back to Kvatt are above.

What if I place a Kvatt order & the items are split across multiple locations?

If you have paid for express delivery, we will post the majority of your items inside a Kvatt bag & the rest of the items will be sent inside a paper mailing sack. If you have selected our standard delivery option we will get all of the items together in one location & send your full order out to you inside a Kvatt bag.

Who can I contact if I have a question?

If you have any questions regarding your return/exchange or all things Kvatt related, you can contact us using the methods below:


E-mail: web@universalworks.co.uk
Tel: +44(0)1159249363