Summer Canvas.

Life’s a peach - with Summer Canvas. At Universal Works, a canvas weave has been used in every collection since the beginning. Our community can’t get enough of the stuff. This summer we use a medium-weight and easy to care for cotton canvas, so you don’t need a loyalty card for the local dry cleaners. Shove it in the washer with some non-bio detergent at 30 degrees, shake it out as soon as it’s done and give it a cool iron if you’ve got the time (or the inclination). It’ll never let you down.
In the words of UW Founder, David Keyte, “We garment dye ours to give it a peachy soft finish and I can’t see us ever stopping using it. It’s one of those classic ‘workwear’ or ‘military’ fabrics that suits menswear because it’s utilitarian, robust and affordable. It might not be glamorous, but it does a great job – a bit like me really!”

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