We're pleased to present a second Universal Works animation made for us by illustrator Liam Tooher, the content creator behind our recent animated film "The Almighty Button".

We'll let the film (and Liam) do the talking, but this time round he's helping us understand more about Kvatt, our web-store's re-useable packaging service, a partnership that's been in place since November last year. So far we've had resoundingly positive feedback from the customers that have used the service, but for those who are coming to this with fresh eyes and also those who are just really into great animated content, it's definitely worth a few minutes of your time.

There will be more information and imagery on the service to come in the next week or so but for now we'll let you sit back and enjoy the film!


Ps. It's fair to say Liam has got a real way with words, so here's a script from the film below for you to feast your eyes upon.

Here at Universal Works, we've teamed up with Kvatt,
Meaning goodbye in Icelandic, they want to say goodbye to unnecessary waste,
By using a simple trick, a reusable shipping bag, 
To create the vanishing of single-use packaging, and we're glad.
This is the ambition, to reduce waste and co2 emissions, 
By using a circulatory system,
The philosophy being use - re use - repeat,
a fairly simple feat. 
And what makes it neat is the more its used the greater the impact,
It's just a fact when using Kvatt, 
Here at Universal Works, we want to be a part of that.
So how to use you may ask?
After ordering your garment, a simple task,
Add returnable packaging to your basket, 
To put single-use packaging in the casket,
We'll provide the rest, 
A Kvatt bag and return label with the clothes you chose,
Once you've received them, send the bag back in the post for free,
And you'll be helping Kvatt's philosophy, and we'll all be happy!


Please note that the Kvatt re-useable packaging option is currently only available within the UK, but we hope to expand this service in the future.

As always, our Customer Services Team is always available to answer any questions and listen to feedback on how we can improve. 

Visit here if you'd like to find about more about Kvatt.