Some of you may already know about 'Universal Re-Works'; the umbrella term for all matters relating to prolonging the life cycle of clothing and materials. Re-Works is part of Universal Works' responsibility pledge aimed, in part, at keeping our stuff out of landfill by giving old things a new lease of life. With this in mind we are excited to be able to make a first step towards applying this approach to how we pack and ship our products.

We are pleased to announce a partnership with innovative reusable packaging start-up, Kvatt. Kvatt is an Icelandic word for goodbye, 'goodbye to single use packaging'. Kvatt’s mission is to provide companies with Reusable packaging that really works and in doing so power circularity in businesses that deliver physical products. A new kid on the block in this rapidly expanding industry, Kvatt’s packaging is designed with longevity in mind, significantly improving upon the single-use approach many of us have become far too accustomed to. A Kvatt sack emits less CO2eq than single-use cardboard after the second use, and after 10 uses it emits 42% less. The more it is used the greater its impact. 

So how does it work? It’s pretty simple. When you get to checkout you’ll be given the option to select ‘returnable packaging’, there is a charge for the service, but we’ve covered most of the cost. For £3 your item will be shipped in a Kvatt reusable mailing sack alongside a pre-paid Kvatt return label. More information available here.

We think responsibility is a collaborative effort. We provide the framework and process, you help to make the difference. Using Kvatt relies on a simple action from you, once you’re happy with your purchase just pop the empty sack back in the post using the label provided and you’ve been part of a journey with many other customers using the same package, significantly reducing unnecessary packaging waste.



Once you’ve waved goodbye, the reusable packaging will make it’s way back to Kvatt HQ where it will be cleaned using an eco-friendly formula before being put back into circulation.  The process repeats itself ad infinitum until the sack reaches the end of it’s useable life. Please find more information here.

From 2nd November 2022 customers will be able to select this option at checkout and as always, our Customer Services Team will be on the sideline ready to answer any questions, and hear feedback on how we can keep on improving all we do. 

Please note, the Kvatt option is currently only available within the UK. We hope to be able to extend the reach of this service in the future.