As a small independent business conscious of its footprint on the world, prolonging the lifecycle of the clothes we produce is one of the ways we can do better for the planet.

Universal Re-Works is our umbrella name for all content and communications relating to this activity. We currently have three elements that sit under the Re-Works umbrella - Visible Repairs, Up-Cycled Goods and Alterations. 

In this journal we give you a breakdown of each.



Universal Re-Works: Visible Repairs.

Universal Re-Works Visible Repairs is a service has now completed a two stage trial and is now offered as a fully fledged service in partnership with Soul & Flare - a fellow local, Nottingham-based business. The mission; to prolong the lifecycle of damaged UW. products via the art of visible repair.

Earlier this year (view case study here) we ran a pilot scheme offering a visible repair service to a handful of customers. We gathered feedback from participants as well as reviewing the process internally and we are now pleased to be in the next phase of trial which entails opening submissions to 30 more (UK) customers on a first-come-first-served basis.

This is a not-for-profit activity, the goal as mentioned, to prolong the life of previously purchased clothing, there is however a fee to cover costs. Costs are assessed on a case-by-case basis and our Customer Service team can talk with you about your repair before any work begins to make sure everyone's on the same page.

Our repair service also now covers elements such as the replacement of broken zips, sending out replacement buttons and mending tears to pockets and linings.

Head here for more information and to find out how to submit a garment for repair.





Universal Re-Works: Up-Cycled Goods.

If you need something new, why not buy something that's been re-worked and given a second chance? Creating something new from something old or discarded, a win-win right? 

We firmly subscribe to the concept of breathing new life into old things, which is why we love to work on projects that are dedicated to up-cycling. Whether that’s our Kantha Jacket project, made entirely from hand-picked vintage saris or our loungewear made from dead stock fabrics, or other exciting projects such as customised military liners (more on this coming soon!)

We will continue to give our UW. community the chance to buy unique one-off pieces with a history as opposed to always making from scratch.

PS. Watch this space for more news on an exciting upcoming project with our friends over at Merci Paris.





Universal Re-Works: Alterations.

Alter things to make them yours. We believe that ensuring something fits just right helps to reduce the chances of an item being returned or sitting in a wardrobe unworn for years. The service of simply shortening trouser hems has always been available within our stores, a service we offer free of charge. We partner with local tailors to facilitate the best fit whilst still keeping things how we like it; local.

Alongside this we are now opening this service out to online customers. Conscious that shipping items back and forth has a carbon footprint, if you have recently purchased trousers via our webstore, which are in need of alteration, we will issue a £10 UW. webstore voucher in lieu of the cost. Simply source your local alteration service; send us proof of the work undertaken via email (e.g. a branded receipt/invoice, or similar, showing work undertaken) and claim your £10 voucher.

*Please note at this time this is limited to the shortening of UW trousers hem alterations only.
*We define 'recently purchased' as within our 28 days return policy window. 

It's always useful for us to hear what you think (good and bad) so please drop us a line at with any thoughts, ideas or feedback around our Re-Works service.