Situated a short walk away from our Nottingham office, the Small Food Bakery is a favourite among all the staff at UWHQ. Small Food Bakery is based within Primary Studios, an artist-led space in the Radford area of Nottingham. The bakery is in the kitchens of what used to be the Douglas Road Primary School and is open to the public every Friday and Saturday.

Run by owner and baker Kimberley Bell and her small team, Small Food Bakery make fantastic sourdough loaves, pizza, crispbreads, cakes, naturally leavened pastries and the occasional batch of exquisite ice cream. Focusing on small batches using high-quality local and seasonal ingredients wherever possible the end result is simple, beautiful and great tasting food that is steadily growing a loyal following of Nottingham locals.

The name "Small Food" comes from Kim’s reaction to the international food industry and its detrimental effects, “Part of my motivation for starting Small Food Bakery was a reaction I had to understanding the shortcomings of 'Big Food' (the global multi-billion pound industry that produces the majority of the foods we eat). I spent a year as a consultant researching the American food movement and designing 'scratch-made' recipes as part of an anti fast food campaign. During this research, I came to understand that the way we currently farm, process, distribute and sell food is having a devastating effect on our environment, health, wellbeing and social structure. I have always loved preparing food for others but I became so aware of the problems with our food system I realised that if I wanted to start a food producing business, I must do it without entering into, or becoming part of that same system. Hence the name I chose for the bakery; "Small Food".

As our love affair for the tasty baked goods and the ethos of Small Food has grown we have got to know Kim and her team of passionate bakers better, and so recently got talking about how our Bakers Jacket could work well for them as bakery uniform. The Bakers Jacket is our classic chore-style jacket that is named after UW designer David Keyte’s father who was Baker. Though a classic, the Bakers Jacket is not a generic ‘heritage’ style, but like the bread from Small Food, it is a great everyday staple with some contemporary touches. With that in mind, we visited the Bakery to kit out the team with our Bakers Overshirt, the lightweight version of the bakers Jacket, perfect for working in a hot bakery. We stayed to watch them get ready for the busy weekend ahead and to get an insight into their baking methods, also because we were promised cookies. Between mouthfuls we managed to grab a few shots of the guys in their new overshirts which looked right at home in the bakery, sleeves rolled up and splattered with flour. In fact, they looked so good that we are already planning to make them their very own Bakers shirts.

If you head down to the bakery this Friday or Saturday you’ll have a good chance of running into one of the UW team getting their weekly dough fix. For those who want to sit in for a snack, the bakery also has a small seating area and serves drinks. Our tip is to head down on a Friday so you can enjoy a filled doughnut or slice of pizza while watching Kim and the team preparing the delicious goods for the next day.

You can find Small Food Bakery at Primary Studios, 33 Seely Road, Nottingham.

Open Friday 10am-7pm-Saturday 9am-2pm




Universal Works - Small Food Bakery - Bakers Jacket


Universal Works - Small Food Bakery - Bakers Jacket


Universal Works - Small Food Bakery - Bakers Jacket