Universal Works Christmas Tales.⁠ Ten men with a lot to say... and in some ways not a lot.⁠ 
I think we can all agree that this year has tested us all far beyond anything we could have imagined.⁠
For all that's been said and done, let's for a small-time forget our own opinions on politics and culturally significant changes. Let's swallow our pride, talk to one other, and most importantly, be kind.⁠

Let's start talking to one another, showing gratitude, talking about memories both good & bad, learning from each other, pulling down walls, reaching out and showing that we all do actually care.⁠

With that in mind, here are some of our friends talking about Christmas.⁠


Big thanks to: Ant Crolla, Charlie Teasdale, David Holden, David Keyte, Elliot James Kennedy, Finlay Renwick, Jason Catifeoglou, Paul Byrne, Raoul Shah, Terry Stephen. 

 David Keyte (left), Finlay Renwick (right).


Paul Byrne (left) , Terry Stephen (right)


Jason Catifeoglou (left), Raoul Shah (right)




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