Universal Works Christmas Tales.⁠
Ten men with a lot to say... and in some ways not a lot.⁠ 
If we are lucky enough, we are often surrounded by friends and family at this time of the year, however, it can be an awfully lonely time for many.⁠
I think we can all agree that this year has tested us all far beyond anything we could have imagined.⁠
If you are dealing with anything negative right now, remember, it's just a small pothole on the long road of life. Tough times never last, but tough people do.⁠
For all that's been said and done, let's for a small-time forget our own opinions on politics and culturally significant changes. Let's swallow our pride, talk to one other, and most importantly, be kind.⁠
Let's start talking to one another, showing gratitude, talking about memories both good & bad, learning from each other, pulling down walls, reaching out and showing that we all do actually care.⁠
With that in mind, here are some of our friends talking about Christmas.⁠

 Big thanks to: Ant Crolla, Charlie Teasdale, David Holden, David Keyte, Elliot James Kennedy, Finlay Renwick, Jason Catifeoglou, Paul Byrne, Raoul Shah, Terry Stephen.  



David Holden (left) Elliot James Kennedy (right).


Ant Crolla (left), Charlie Teasdale (right),