Words by David Keyte,

First Class, Cabin or Steerage.
There was once three classes of accommodation on ocean liners. People dreamed of first class and aspired to Cabin as the one most ordinary people would  get into if they were lucky.

The Universal Works Cabin Jacket is my modern take on some classic uniform jackets that inspired me, jackets I saw as a kid. My mum's grandad worked on the local rail station in a smart uniform which had a collarless jacket, a little like a waistcoat but with sleeves. My uncle who spent time in the Navy had dress jackets I alway liked which were shorter fitting, and of course, I always loved a chore jacket with big useful pockets.

So the UW cabin jacket is more about cabins on ships and trains than a small house in the woods, more about adventure and voyages than sitting around the campfire, but while I named it the Cabin Jacket,  I like to think it is First Class.

mannequin wearing universal works knitwear and cabin jacket


universal works model
Photo Credit left to right: Row Above-Universal works, Ivy and Navy, Ivy and Navy.
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