In September last year, David Keyte sat down with Robbie Seneschall, who is part of our fantastic retail team at Coal Drops Yard and also a contributor to Menswear & Lifestyle Mag, 502 Bad Gateway. David talked about the universal appeal of twill, road-testing the clothes and old men at bus stops.

 The second issue of 502 is available to purchase here.



Video: Rob Akin
Photography: Chuck
Styling: Seth Footring
Model: Fabian Henry @ Supa Model Management
Written by: Robbie Seneschall



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Congratulations on reaching 10 years. What's it like to hit the milestone?

It's very rewarding that we've managed to do what we've done in those 10 years and get to the position we’re in. I certainly didn't plan it; the plan was not to have a plan. I'm very delighted to have been around for 10 years as a business and to have got as far as we have. To celebrate, we've got some collaborations coming up with three of our original stockists. We originally had nine stockists for the first collection and three of those are still around and thriving, and we're making a special piece for each of those three.


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What do you think has changed most about the fashion industry since you started in the business?

There's a lot more menswear available now than 30 years ago. When I started at Paul Smith it was less fashionable to be fashionable, people are much more aware of what they're wearing.

Another thing that has changed is that I didn't stop being interested in clothes when I got older. I think that's changed. I used to look back at my dad then and he was much younger than I am now. He stopped being interested in anything other than working and providing for his family. Nowadays I don't see why you can't still be interested in fashion at 70.

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Read the full interview in Issue 2 of 502 Bad Gateway, available to purchase here.