The Photographers Jacket & Gilet.

With a lot of Universal Works garments, it is no secret that the great wearable functionality of classic military styles has a big influence on some of the new styles in the collection. The 'Photographers Jacket' & 'Photographers Gilet' are no different.
The military’s Pilots Vest has been updated to a modern generous fit with a classic four-pocket front and snap clip that has now become the UW 'Photographers Gilet.' Along the way it's been a ‘Fisherman Gilet' then an 'Angler Vest', then a 'Poachers Waistcoat', now a Photographer's Gilet'- all trades who need a lot of pockets!
The 'Photographers Jacket' & 'Photographers Overshirt' have taken the same wearable functionality as their vest sibling and with a nod to the class M65 and a generous fit, they received the same Photographer's name.


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