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Universal Works have come together with our friends at The Pilgrm Hotel for a very special collaboration.   

The project came about during a chance encounter between The Pilgrm’s founder Jason Catifeoglou and UW. designer David Keyte at the hotel, where David was staying, after searching for somewhere with a strong focus on sustainability. The two got talking about the problem of waste in the fashion industry, and it was through this serendipitous conversation that they came up with the idea to create something special, using up-cycled materials.

David tells us more on the project, "I got talking to Jason, founder of Pilgrm Hotel and loved the way he was putting together a hotel from found and salvaged materials. He had created something new by using something old. I also loved his commitment to new, fresh ideas and services with a strong desire to provide high quality at a realistic price, not necessarily cheap, but affordable enough to make a really attractive brand. A little bit of luxury, whilst caring about the how and why. All his ideas resonated with me and with the Universal Works ethos, so when he asked if we would collaborate on some clothing that he could offer to his hotel customers who wanted to buy Pilgrm products, we said yes!...



"We both wanted to create a collection that was almost anti-fashion to a certain degree, and not meant to change season-on-season. Most importantly, we had a shared idea to repurpose and breathe new life into 'old' materials to create a capsule collection that reflected the very place it would be sold! We didn't want just a souvenir t-shirt, but something that almost reflected that same spirit; something that could be worn for an evening hangout in the hotel's public spaces, relaxing in your hotel room or simply away from the hotel itself. Unfortunately, a little thing called lockdown happened, and the project got delayed due to restrictions and factory closures.

Ironically, this collection actually turned out to be perfect loungewear for these new restrictions, whether worn in a hotel, or the comfort of your own home! The collection has been repurposed from found or previously unused fabrics that were saved from landfill; usually destined to become the '10% waste' that some brands create. The whole collection was designed in the UK, but made in Portugal, using Portuguese fabrics all sourced from premium fabric makers whilst also giving garment makers work in their downtime. We are proud to reveal this small slice of loungewear, perfect for life during and after lockdown, and also helping factories reduce waste by creating new and exciting things. We hope you like it too!" - David Keyte UW. designer




100% of the profits of this collection will be donated to Centerpoint Charity, who give young homeless people support towards a brighter future.

"This partnership was born out of a desire to reuse unwanted materials whilst creating something purposeful and as a result doing the right thing. Sadly, doing the right thing is often forgotten, so from the get-go we knew we wanted to make sure our efforts continued beyond the point of creation and the physical product. David and I decided early on to support the invaluable work of homelessness charity Centrepoint. After what has been a very challenging year for everyone, it has never been more important to help some of the most vulnerable people in our communities. Centrepoint has been a lifeline to thousands of people during this time, so it was an easy decision to donate all of the profits in the hope that we can provide some support over the coming months."   -  Jason Catifeoglou, CEO The Pilgrm  

The Universal Works x The Pilgrmcollection is available in limited numbers online now.

In light of recent news, The Pilgrm Hotel is currently open for essential travel only, until 2nd of Dec. Don't forget to bring your Universal Works x The Pilgrm label into The Pilgrm when their cafe is back open to enjoy a free coffee! 

View UW. x The Pilgrm: Reworks collection here.