“Universal Threads” is a series exploring the common threads running through each of our collections. For our most recent instalment “In Conversation”, Design Journalist Leanne Cloudsdale and Universal Works Co-Founders Stephanie Porritt and David Keyte get together for some (not too) serious styling related chit-chat. In this episode we discuss colour.  



Colour can feel easy when you’re on holiday in the summer sun, but on a dreary (English) day in January, you may feel less inspired to pick up colour and it can feel a little more daunting to navigate. Let’s be honest, when it comes to everyday life, many of us get nervous about wearing colour, U.W co-founder and designer David Keyte being no exception. Research says colour can positively affect your mood, stress levels and the way other people respond to you, so if like us, your new years (styling) resolution is to inject a little more colour into your life then read on.


In a sea of grey, black, and navy, a pop of pink or yellow can feel like a brave and adventurous step, a sartorial statement reserved only for the extroverts. But it needn’t be that way, you can incorporate colour into your wardrobe without it making you feel full of regret when you enter your local bozzer.

If you aren’t quite ready for a bold colour statement but fancy flirting with a pantone or two, UW co-founder Stephanie's advice is that “sometimes it's nice if your most colourful item is actually your least expensive.” A colourful T-Shirt peeping out from underneath a sweater, a flash of a bright yellow in a sock, the contrast of a pink polka-dot pocket square, or perhaps a bright red hat. These pops of colour can add an injection of fun and personality into an otherwise unassuming look. So if you’re currently subscribed to a life lived in monochrome, and navy, why not step into 2023 with a brighter outlook… errr we mean outfit, and don some colour. 


 Featuring, Bucket Hat In Cumin Brisbane Cord