"Works" is a series of short films all about the individuals that encapsulate what Universal Works is all about. They are experts in their respective fields, masters of their craft and are all connected to Universal Works in one way or another. Whether that be a friend, customer or someone we’ve met along the way, we wanted to capture them doing what they do best in their everyday roles.

At Universal Works, we love seeing our clothes not just being worn but being used. Nottingham based hairdresser, Matthew is often found wearing Universal Works and describes it as “my uniform”. There’s no better commendation than someone wearing your clothes and it’s even more flattering when they choose to wear them each day to work in. Gone are the days of a mandatory work uniform and, when given the choice, Matthew chooses to don our Baker’s Jacket as he cuts hair in his salon, the DNA Art Space in Nottingham.

Matthew Wyman’s trusted scissors and comb have been styling hair for over 40 years so we were thrilled to capture him in his natural environment. He’s been cutting the hair of both Stephanie and David, owners, directors and designers of the brand for years and over that time has become a close friend and a respected professional within the Universal Works family. Matthew lives and breathes his profession, one of those blessed few that has not only mastered his craft but loves every waking minute of it and we feel honoured that he would choose to wear our clothes as he goes.