Merci have launched a very exciting exhibition this week in Paris.

“Imparfait” celebrates the imperfections in life and specifically objects that have been cracked, worn, torn, burnt and mended and patched. Wether it’s clothing that has ‘productions defects’ or pottery that have been chipped or smashed,  Merci has teamed up with some of their favourite brands to collect a special series of goods the find beauty from the unusual.

The project was inspired by the Japanese Kintsugi process, the art of repairing broken pottery using lacquer mixed with powdered gold. The philosophy treats breakage and repair as part of an objects history and something to celebrate rather than hide. If you are liking the sound of this philosophy, you can even buy a "New Kintsugi kit“ from Merci to repair your own pottery at home.

Our contribution to the project is a limited selection of jackets, waistcoats, shirting and jersey from past seasons with asymmetric, repair and patch detailing that we’ve over dyed to reveal more details from the original production.