“Universal Threads” is a series exploring the common threads running through each of our collections. For our most recent instalment “In Conversation”, Design Journalist Leanne Cloudsdale and Universal Works Co-Founders Stephanie Porritt and David Keyte get together for some (not too) serious styling related chit-chat. In this episode we discuss Trousers.

For some folk, buying a trouser may not feel quite as exciting as choosing a new overshirt or jacket and can even be overlooked when planning a killer outfit. But here at Universal Works, we like to approach things a little differently, and co-founder Stephanie Porritt is a self-confessed trouser-head. “I always start with trousers” she says without hesitation, as she explains her styling process in our latest episode of Universal Threads: In Conversation


Filmmaker, Joe Wheatley. 


Working your way up from the bottom makes logical sense, using Steph's rule of thumb, you can build a solid foundation for an outfit, and the rest will surely fall into place.

Here at UW we favour a looser, relaxed fitting pant but we recognise customers may be wary of trying them on for the first time. We’re here to squash the theory that a wider trouser can only look good on a model and the more daring folk amongst us. Sure, it takes confidence to make the leap into the wider styles but we are always filled with pride when we see people embracing a wider silhouette.


Uw's Trouser Fit Guide. 


“For me it’s always been the look that i’ve wanted to push” says Co-Founder David Keyte, indeed Universal Works has become known for making a “baggier pant” more accessible with the likes of the Pleated Track Pant for those happy to take the full plunge (wear it a size up or down depending on the fit you want) and of course the Military Chino, a good place to start for a more relaxed fit and a style in the Universal Works range that's fast become a favourite.

When it comes to styling trousers, the fabric is an important consideration. If you put the same trouser in a different fabric, it can look totally different when worn on the body. Take the Braga Pant for example, a newish style in UW’s extensive roster. Put it in a Cavalry Twill (a substantial, heavy cotton twill) and it’s going to give you an intentionally oversized look but ask for that in a Recycled Wool Mix (a soft fabric with drape) and the extra volume will drape in a way that’s going to have an overall slimming effect. Same trouser, totally different silhouette.


Photocredit Glasswing, (Left) Braga Pant in Kyo Cotton, (Right) Braga Pant in Cactus Weave 


So, the next time you're in one of our stores or shopping online, don't be afraid to ask our wonderful customer service team about the wider styles.

We're here to help you embrace the wider pant revolution and we’re pretty sure that, if we can persuade you to try it, you'll love it. And once you have, it won't take you long to realise that not only do they look great but they feel great too!


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