"Universal Threads" is a series that explores the commonality running through everything we do. In our most recent instalment, "Community Questions," we invite our UW social media audiences, subscribers, and even our own team, to ask us anything they’d like to know about Universal Works (within reason…). We've sifted through the questions sent in, keeping a tally on the ones that popped up the most, and then caught our co-founders on camera answering them.

Whether you sent your question in via email, telephone, hand written letter, zoom call, or paper plane, we hope you enjoy hearing a bit more about what makes Universal Works, Universal Works.



Factories & Makers 

Where to start? Well we received so many questions about factories and manufacturing that it seemed like a good idea to kick things off there, in fact we feel so strongly about this topic we felt it deserved a whole episode to itself. We are proud to work with many different “factories” to produce our clothing but here at UW, we prefer to refer to them as “makers. We feel that using this word feels more personal and to us that’s important as we want to have a real relationship with the people who make things for us. It’s vital that we get to see them, know them by name and most importantly know them as friends. 



Video Credits; Jake Turney, Milo Hutchings and Liam Saint-Pierre.