We think that once you take away the turkey dinners and tinsel, Christmas is really defined by the people we hold dear, the family we choose to surround ourselves with. At Universal Works we like to think of this as our “Universal Family".

This year we asked the Universal Works team to invite someone they consider to be part of their “family” circle, to feature in a series of videos and portraits that we will be releasing in the run up to Christmas. We hope to capture the essence of these unique relationships.


Leah & Pablo. 

Here we've got a couple who firmly subscribe to the notion that “family” is whatever you want it to be. Introducing Leah, Universal Works Retail Store Assistant, and her partner Pablo who live together with their Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Marnie (...who sadly couldn’t make it the shoot).  For these two, Christmas is an opportunity to celebrate each other's cultural backgrounds as well as a time to build new traditions together.


What do you guys get up to for Christmas?

Leah: Pablo brings his Spanish Traditions to our Christmas day which are really special to me and I bring him Twiglets and Pigs in Blankets which are equally as special to him. I can sometimes be a bit of a Grinch leading up to Christmas and I tend to enjoy Boxing Day a little bit more but being with my little family is the most important thing to me and the best gift I could receive.”

UW: What’s your take on a family Christmas?

Pablo: “Being from a different country, it gets difficult trying to travel home and see my family for Christmas, but it’s a great excuse to get together with my chosen family and experience different traditions. Luckily my Mom always makes sure that I get a big box of food from Spain with all my favourites!”

Leah, left: Swing Overcoat In Forest Green MeltonVince Cardigan In Cool Green Rack Stitch Knit​, Treck Shirt In Ecru Super Fine Cord, Double Pleat Pant In Charcoal Herringbone Cotton, Shoes models own.

Pablo, right: Strummer Jacket In Black Jumbo Cord,  L/S Utility Shirt In Black Check Texas Wool PlaidChore Waistcoat In Caramel MowbrayMilitary Chino In Black TwillShort Watch Cap In Black British Wool, Shoes models own.


Mikee & George.

Introducing the cross-generational duo and pair of long term UW fans who we didn’t have to think twice about when considering our ‘Universal Family’.

We caught up with our Retail Manager Mikee and his Father, George about what family and time together at Christmas means for them, whilst they had a lot of fun styling each other in some strong looks from the UW AW21 collection.



UW: What are your Christmas traditions?

Mikee: Getting up early on Christmas morning and watching a Charlie Brown Christmas with a cuppa and a good slice of Panettone for breakfast. We love the soundtrack and it gets some airplay in the UW stores every year too.

UW: What does family mean to you?

George: Family? It’s all about love, affection, togetherness. Shared memories, shared hopes, shared dreams for a shared life. A vision for the future of care, encouragement and support, happiness, growth and joy.




Nikki, Tyler & Veda.

They say the best things in life come in threes and this time round so we featured a family trio who work side by side, here at UWHQ. Introducing Veda, our Development Manager, Nikki, our Warehouse Manager, and Tyler, our Warehouse Assistant.

It’s beautiful to see grandmother, mother and son working together and we wanted to capture the unique essence of their special bond in the series.

We had a chat with Veda, Nikki and Tyler about what it's like working side by side as a family, their bond and what family means to them.

They had as much fun wearing, as we did selecting their looks from the AW21 collection and we are sure you will agree, they all work Universal Works in a way that works for them.



UW: How is it working with such close family members? How do you adjust from family life to professional life?

Veda: Unlike some families, I will never complain about not seeing my daughter or grandson enough!! Working with close family members is not as daunting as it first appears but I still get called 'mum' or 'grandma'. We are a close family, but I think we all know how to be professional when the need arises.

UW: How would you describe the bond that exists between you guys?

Tyler: Me, my mum and my grandma have a really strong bond. They play a big role in my life and I'd do absolutely anything for the both of them for all they've done for me growing up. 

UW: What’s your definition of family?

Nikki: Family to me is so much more than the people I’m related to, my family also consists of people who care and support me unconditionally, the people I laugh and cry with, who I feel secure with and who are reliable.


Nikki, (left) wears: Bucket Hat - Light Sand Recycled Fur,  L/S Utility Shirt - Blue Check Texas Wool PlaidK Track Jacket - Navy Recycled TricotPatched Mill Fatigue Pant - Black Jumbo Cord
Tyler, (centre) wears: PB Cap In Navy MeltonSimple Bakers Jacket - Navy MeltonCarlton Gilet - Navy Check Nebraska CottonPleated Track Pant - Navy Check Nebraska Cotton.
Veda, (right) wears: Field Jacket - Black/Grey Large Plaid FleeceDot Short ScarfK Track Pant In Navy Recycled Tricot