This week we launch our newest jersey line,  a mid-weight dry handle almost vintage feel tee shirt, in a summer classic pocket tee and colourful mixed panel tees. 

We love these new tees both for the look and feel but also because they are a development in an ongoing drive to lessen our impact on the environment. We have for some time now made almost all our t-shirts in Organic cotton. Now with this new jersey fabric, we’ve called, SAVE THAT JERSEY, we are introducing a t-shirt line made from up-cycled yarns and organic yarns.

Organic yarns use less chemicals in production than standard jersey of course, which is better for everyone in the process and the planet. Here we are also using what is often wasted in the process of making the cotton yarn into fabrics thus reducing the waste too. 

When cotton yarn is spun and then combed into yarns for making jersey fabric, up to 20% of the cotton can be wasted. Here the “waste” is collected and made into yarns to mix with the raw organic cotton. These fibres are shorter and produce a less “fine” and silky yarn and the fabric produced feels a little coarser maybe but we love the feel. It is honest and robust yet soft to the touch. The final fabric we use is a little heavier than our normal jersey, at 170 gsm, giving it a more “beefy” weight and a hand-feel that we have been searching for some time. We are happy to now finally be able to offer this as our most essential t-shirt yet.