The new Sailor Pant is here and ohhh-Buoy, are we excited.

We asked the man who designed them, David Keyte, to give us a run down on where the inspiration came from.

“A wide trouser as a military pant, there is something special about that...

It seems that there are two theories as to why sailors wore wide bottom trousers. One says it made them easy to roll up as they scrubbed the decks and the other says it made them easy to pull off when they fell overboard and needed to swim to safety. Whatever the theory a wide, loose bottom trouser became known as a Sailor Pant and our version is just that loose fitting and wide at the hem.

To be honest though I was more inspired by a 70’s or 80’s dance floor than a naval vessel, it's 1975 meets 2021. With its single pleat from the waist and wide, straight leg shape from the knee, they almost look flared. Maybe they are not for everyone, but we think they are going to be a popular shape this summer and beyond and maybe not just for those of a nautical calling.”

View Sailor Pant here.



We have styled the Sailor Pant on three different sized men, to show the fit of our new pant shape.


 Kyle is 5ft 8, wears size M top and 32 waist trousers.

Pat is 6ft 3, wears size L/XL top and 34 waist trousers .

Julian is 6ft 2, wears size XL top and 34 waist trousers.

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