David Keyte, co-founder and designer tells us about our much-loved and best selling pant:

"Why call them Military Chino Pants... It was my attempt to be descriptive of the shape and fit and to play with the idea of a chino being less boring and a bit “dad pants”.

This is a real classic style, a chino originally coming from the uniform pants of the British Army in India in cotton and in the “khaki” colour of sand.

Today the Chino is a term for most simple straight or tapered pants and are often what I think of as a bit plain. I was trying to make a much more interesting shape - loose enough to give a great relaxed silhouette while not being too baggy, with deep hand pockets and simple, but well designed rear pockets.

I based these on a number of my favourite shapes of simple clean trousers,  those easy work pants that skaters would wear along with thrift shop Army pants that I loved. I wanted to create a modern version of a classic, I also wanted the cut of our chino to have a loose thigh and slightly longer rise, but a tapered leg for what we think is the perfect chino fit.

We offer the garment across many fabrics from super casual 3/1 twill, the classic Khaki cloth, right through to beautiful Italian suiting cloths and many in-between. It is a part of every collection at UW right from the beginning, but in the last year we have honed the fit and thus has become our best selling pant." - David


View our Military Chinos here. 


Jacket - Navy Canvas Windcheater
Shirt - Santa Fe Road Shirt
Trouser - Poplin Military Chino
Shoe -  Sebago x Universal Works 


Photo credit: Top Right to left, Meet Bernard,  Goodhood, Universal Works.
Bottom Right to Left, Le Shop Sage, Rendez Vous Store, Glass Wing


View our Military Chinos here.