With warmer weather upon us, it seems only right to champion one of our favourite summer fabrics, Linen.

Linen is a textile made from the fibres of the flax plant and has been used extensively throughout history, clothing both the ancient Egyptians and Universal Works fans alike.

It’s exceptional diversity as a fibre has allowed it to be used for many diverse products, be it in the creation of American Dollar bills, mummification or for the modern-day man in summer suiting and shirting.

The fabric has fantastic natural heat and water-wicking properties due to its loose weave, making it perfect for sunny days.
Yet it retains its strength; being up to 3x stronger than cotton fabrics. It’s also remarkably fast drying and absorbs moisture without holding bacteria (helpful for when we can stand closer together on public transport again!)

As you can tell, we are big advocates of linen, it can serve you well on the beach with shorts and Birkenstocks, in the beer garden with a short sleeve shirt, or even down the aisle in crease-friendly linen-mix suiting. A truly Universal fabric.

Shop Linen.


Shop Linen.