One thing that unites us all and keeps us inspired and motivated is the love for music. We asked a few of our stockists and fellow music lovers to share what tracks are keeping them sane during challenging times.


This week in celebration of the reopening of our Coal Drops Yard and Berwick Street stores, it seemed only right to ask our retail team to put together a special playlist and have a chat with our London Store Manager, Mikee.

Unfortunately, we're not in a position to re-open our Lambs Conduit Street Store just yet, keep a lookout for announcements. 

For more information on our stores and the safety precautions that we have in place, visit here.


Hey Mikee, it is so great to have you back in the stores! How have you been finding Lockdown in London?
So glad to be back in the store - lockdown was odd - the first two weeks felt kinda like a holiday just without the holiday - then it was pretty hard. I love working for Universal Works so it was a really weird experience not being in the stores for such a period. But it wasn't all bad- I found a couple of good coffee spots, and got to explore the local area a lot more.

You are mainly based in our Coal Drops Yard store, are you starting to see business pick up in the Kings Cross area?
I’ve noticed a lot of activity around the stores and in the yard itself- it’s a great big space so it’s pretty easy to "physical distance" sociably if that makes sense? You can get a takeaway beer from the likes of House of Cans and there are nice spots provided for the public to be able to sit by the canal.
The yard is full of smaller independent brands such as ourselves and it’s really great to see our neighbours opening up again. A lot of people have been trying to get into the store whilst I’ve been mopping the floors and dealing with stock so that’s been promising!

Tell us a little more about your background with Universal Works.
I’ve been working for Universal Works for a year and a half now, and loving it! I run the physical retail side of the business in London. I started by opening our newest store in CDY which was amazing, and then progressed from there. 

What is your all-time favourite “feel good” track to listen in the store?
I’m a huge fan of classic hip hop, and I’m pretty sure Souls Of Mischief - '93 To Infinity will be played on a daily basis and gets everyone bopping their heads in store.

Most memorable artist or DJ you have seen live in the past?
I saw James Brown - he supported Red Hot Chilli Peppers at Knebworth, so that was pretty special ... from what I remember. Also, I saw Mos Def (Yeslin Bey) do a really intimate gig as a tribute to J Dilla which was amazing. 

Any musician or DJ you would love to see perform once venues are back open?
After this I think we all need to go rave it up somewhere.... we deserve it, so anyone with a loud sound system and some great tunes will do right about now.

Favourite piece from Universal Works SS20 collection and why?
I mean we were locked down midway through the season which sucked, so we only had a small time to get to grips with the stock, so I couldn’t narrow it down to just one piece because all the pieces we were getting in the deliveries were great. But I did have a very soft spot for all the chambray and denim we have this season, and forever a fan of anything Ikat.


Mikee wearing: Western Stripe Road Shirt , Pleated Track Pant in Olive Twill



For more information on our stores and the safety precautions that we have in place, visit here.