One thing that unites us all and keeps us inspired and motivated is the love for music. We asked a few of our stockists and fellow music lovers to share what tracks are keeping them sane during challenging times.
Based in Viterbo, a medieval gem just one hour north of Rome near Lago di Bolsena, Justees has been a UW. stockist since Spring/Summer 2017; we originally met owner Stefano in Florence and have been working together ever since.

Originally, the store started as a T-shirt printing studio but evolved within a year to become the retail store that it is today, bringing together an eclectic mixture of art, music and fashion- represented best by Stefano himself. He likes good wine, good music, and good clothes and we are always sure to visit him when we're in Italy.

⁠In Stefano's playlist, he has put together a "juicy selection", which in fairness makes us want to order a Negroni to-go, and sit in some fabled garden sunshine. Enjoy!


Tell us a little about your store.
Justees Bottega*, that’s how we like to call it, opened in 2008 as a lab to personalise and print tees. Over the years we have expanded into retail clothing.
We offer a variety of brands, from more mainstream ones to small independents. I love that our customers can purchase something as simple as a printed tee with a graphic design and match it with a beautiful track pant from Universal Works. They can pick a pair of French Paraboot, but also a simple sneaker. We like to have something for everyone!

*Bottega is the Italian old school word for a small store that sells different things

What is your all-time favourite “feel good” track to listen to in-store?
Myself, Raffaella, and Paolo we love listening to 'Is This It' by The Strokes while we get ready to open on a hangover.
'Is This It' has the right amount of melancholia, it allows you to feel sorry for yourself but also gives you that energy that is needed to start the day.

Most rememberable artist or DJ you have seen live in the past?
I remember seeing Arcade Fire at Primavera Sound in Barcelona. They are an incredible band that makes incredible records, but their live performance is just something else! There were so many people there and it still felt like an intimate party- like they were playing just for you. I really like how there’s no main lead, all members are as important as each other, and Regine Chassagne has this odd voice, almost out of tune but so charming. 
Definitely not only the best gig of the festival that year, but of many years!

Favourite piece from Universal Works SS20 collection and why?
My favourite for SS20 is the Kyoto Pant, they are so comfortable. I love the whole palette of this season, so many interesting colours.



Stefano wearing:
Jacket - Santa Fe Bakers Jacket
Pants - Ecru Vintage Denim Kyoto Pant
Tee & Shoes - Models Own


Jacket - Ecru Vintage Denim Liner Jacket 
Pants - Olive Twill Fatigue Pant
Tee & Shoes - Models Own