One thing that unites us all and keeps us inspired and motivated is the love for music. We asked a few of our stockists and fellow music lovers to share what tracks are keeping them sane.


Back in 2017, we visited our stockists and good friends Liquor Store in celebration of the opening of their new store with a dedicated space to Universal Works, on Colmore Row, Birmingham.
That's when we were first introduced to Don and Dayle, the Father and Son duo who are long term customers of the store and in their spare time, they put their impeccable music taste to good use, DJing in and around Birmingham.
We had a conversation with the well-dressed pair over all things music, and with Father's Day in mind, they put together a very special playlist for us.
Of course, they did not disappoint!⁠ Enjoy!


All-time favourite “feel good” track?
Don: My favourite tracks tend to change a bit based on mood but I managed to narrow it down to...'54-46 is my number' - Toots And The Maytals A timeless classic that can literally be dropped on ANY dance floor. Watch and you will see people of all types - no matter what their personal & situational differences - ALL join together singing, dancing, smiling and even hugging each other in complete harmony. Maybe an ode for our slightly fractured times that we can all learn from...?! Anyway, there are very few high-quality tunes that command this kind of power but Toots is definitely one of them!
Also, I enjoy a bit of disco so 'My Love Is Free' - Double Exposure is another track that hits the spot. Don't really know why but it just works and that's all that matters. Dancefloor disco classic

Dayle: I could only whittle it down to 2; Talking Heads – This Must be the Place (Naive Melody). I actually only discovered this record within the last few years or so, it's beautiful and makes me feel really good.
Curtis Mayfield – The Makings of You. I can't think of a voice that is more so naturally soothing as Curtis. This song heals the soul.

 How have you influenced each other's taste in music? 
Don: Well if I haven’t influenced Dayle I’d be disappointed to say the least...haha!!!! And yes, he also influences my choices and we're regularly texting to each other tunes that may be of mutual interest. Insofar as the history, I purchased my turntables in 1992/3 and from a very young age Dayle would ask if he could play on them. So I suppose we naturally gravitated to having and sharing similar tastes in music. He’s a very good DJ and I’ve had wonderful times playing at events and parties with my son (as well as my other son Khobe) over the years.

Dayle: I actually think I remember Dad playing Radio 1 in our first house in South Yardley, and I distinctively remember hearing jungle music, so as a young kid I remember bouncing around to that, loving the high tempo, high percussion and high energy sounds. First love – Jungle music!
I also distinctively remember Dads mates coming round to listen to records and record mixes on tape, mainly to house music - soulful and deep stuff. Second love – House music!  Growing up, Dad let me listen to his records from a young age and trusted me to place them on the 1210’s with care (from like 7 years old or something), so I started digging in his record cupboard. Amongst a load of genres, I’d frequent the bottom right-hand corner where you would come across stuff like Funkdoobiest, UMC, A Tribe Called Quest, Nine, the Pharcyde etc. That section quickly became my go-to. Third love – Hip Hop! For me, the above (in a nutshell) has set a rich backdrop for the taste in music I have now. I’m really grateful for that because I really, really, really enjoy music. It has a powerful, spiritual force that I truly am in love with.


 Left Dayle, Right Don, shoot for Universal Works spring/summer17

What is the first record that you remember buying?
Don: ‘Money In My Pocket’ - Dennis Brown - 1978. I'd say not a bad track to kick off my record collection all those years ago!!

Dayle: I actually think it was Mr. Oizo – Flat Beat. That one from the Levi’s advert, sick.

Most memorable artist or DJ you have seen live? 
Don: Probably Osunlade. Seen him a few times but a particularly memorable occasion was a few summers ago at the Southport Weekender festival. An amazingly talented DJ, not only for his craft but also his track selection. The sound system was immense and I almost did myself an injury with all that dancing!! It was fantastic - grown men were shaking their heads & weeping in respect (I might have been one of them....ha!!).

Dayle: It would probably have to be Nile Rogers & Chic @ the Moseley Jazz Funk and Soul Festival. They were incredible. Or maybe Public Enemy... Chuck D opened the set in an explosive fashion as you could expect. About 2 tracks in, Flava Flav floated onto the stage on a Segway (that you couldn’t see because of the smoke machine), the place went absolutely mental!
Any musician or DJ you would love to see perform in the future?
Don: Herbie Hancock would be wonderful. I’ve missed out on seeing him live on a few occasions (for various unavoidable reasons). Still hope I’ll get the chance one day. Aside from which, I’d also like to see Khurangbin. 

Dayle: A random pick, because there’s so many, but probably Haitus Kaiyote. I’ve missed all of their UK shows to date...
Favourite piece from Universal Works that you like to dance around the house in? Don: Similarly to Dayle - the Aston Pants a winner. High quality and incredibly comfortable. Fits and looks great on all shapes and sizes!!!! There is nothing better!

Dayle: Definitely the Bakers Pant. Comfiest trousers I own, so they don’t get in the way when I’m getting my groove on!

Great news, Liquor Stores physical store reopened this week, visit here for more information on how you can visit the store safely and the new precautions set in place.

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