This week the UW team took on a massive task in presenting our clothing for the first time at LCM for London Fashion Week…

The presentation was to showcase our AW15 collection, a season where we are celebrating ‘the pass’, the idea of passing something on. Something new coming out of the past, from humble beginnings that in the process of being passed on becomes more social and gains a deeper value. Something precious to be saved. Something to be loved and looked after. Something that can go from old to young, reinventing and reinvigorating. We began life six years ago with one item of clothing passed on from father to son, simple and handmade, imperfect and honest, but with a lasting quality that transcended fashion and generations, becoming our ongoing inspiration.

We translated this idea into an exciting presentation by teaming up with performance artist and filmmaker Billy Craigan-Toon to create a choreographed performance that embodied the idea of ‘the pass’.

The presentation involved whipping our models into a choreographed, well oiled, coat-taking-on-and-off-and-passing machine.

The pictures and video of ‘Pass’ are the end product of an eight-week long collaborative effort, mixing performance with fashion shows and input from different creative disciplines. The collection will be available in January and we are already thick in the planning of our next presentation. Watch this space.