We are delighted to announce our Limited Pop-up within the prestigious Merci Paris concept store.  

The pop-up, which is open to the public from the 9th of June, will continue to show during Paris Menswear Fashion Week (22nd - 27th of June 2021).

We wanted to produce something not only extra special but also dedicated to the city in partnership with a store they regard as one of the best and most unique in the world.

The pop-up features a curated selection of some of the best of Universal Works in “Navy Blue”, while featuring two of our iconic chore style jackets, the Universal Works 'Bakers Jacket’ and the Japanese inspired ‘Kyoto Jacket’. This capsule brings together one-off pieces made from unique Kantha textiles, as well as some of our core fabrics. Those chore styles become more elegant when made in a smart tailoring wool or cotton twill both in navy blue, perfect for any Parisian moment.

Undoubtedly the star attractions of the temporary store are the unique Kantha pieces, which are made entirely from carefully handpicked vintage saris, highlighting a first-class recycling project, where layers of history have been brought together to form one comfortable Universal Works classic.



Co-founder and designer David Keyte explains, "Whether we like it or not, the clothes we wear send out a message to the world. It’s an unspoken language of all the things we like and the attitudes we portray. So this is a truly unique and original moment to show Paris what Universal Works is about. I’ve been collecting vintage textiles for years, on my trips to India, and always loved the possibility of re-using these incredible old pieces of fabric and breathing life into them by making something totally new. Seeing beauty in the imperfect is what inspired me,  putting that fabric into our trusty Bakers Jacket and  Kyoto Jacket continues the Kantha tradition in a modern context. It means that all these amazing patterns and textures aren’t wasted.” 

Keyte adds, “I wanted to showcase the versatility and wearability as well as the uniqueness of what we do at Universal Works while expressing and reflecting the different sides of Paris. Classic and artistic, subtle and loud through to both historic and modern”.











The pop-up, is open to the public from the 9th of June, and will continue to show during Paris Menswear Fashion Week (22nd - 27th of June 2021).

We won't be able to visit due to travel restrictions so please tag us in your photos if you visit!