One thing that unites us all and keeps us inspired and motivated, especially in a time of crisis, is the love for music. We asked a few of our stockists and fellow music lovers to share what tracks are keeping them sane during the lockdown.

Curated Man is very much a family affair. Opened by Henry Thredingham’s father as Lizard Menswear in 1979, it has been the go-to independent menswear retailer in Richmond for a number of years. In 2017 Henry re-named the business with the aim of taking the store in a more contemporary direction. Henry now runs the shop with his partner Freya, and in 2019 they opened Curated Woman just next door. 

The musical talent of the Curated Man family is Jack, who alongside Henry is the C.M buyer. He moonlights as VC Pines, a solo performer of alternative soul, poetry and punk. Jack shared with us what has music has been keeping him sane during lockdown.

You can always find Henry, Freya, and Jack in the store, and if you visit in the afternoon, you’ll be sure to be staying for a beer and leaving with some great menswear! 

What is your all-time favourite “feel good” track to listen to?

Jack: We have a few at the shop, especially for when the sun cuts through the ground floor around 5 pm in the summer. My go-to would have to be ‘The Love’ by People Under The Stairs.

What artist/album are you enjoying listening to lately?

The entire Malibu album from Anderson Paak gets played most days, especially in the morning to set you upright!

Any musician or DJ you would love to see perform once the quarantine is over?

Henry and I went to see Obongjayar a while ago at Bussey Building in Peckham. He comes into the store every now and then, in fact, we helped him pick out a Universal Works suit to wear on stage that night. Definitely up for round 2. 

What are your go-to garments to wear during lockdown?

I’ve been wearing the Universal Works Kyoto Work Jacket nearly every day. I got greedy and have two so I can alternate. The possibilities are endless with one of those on…. The Fatigue Pants go nicely too, I sized up so they kind of balloon out as I float around the house. I’ve also been making a lot of music at home so I tend to wear vests/trousers with loads of pockets. I’m always losing plectrums/notepads/pens, this way I can carry loads of spares!