International Earth Day seems like a good day to tell you about a few things we are doing at Universal Works to reduce our impact.

We design and make new things which is always an issue as we all try to lessen the environmental damage we all do.

1) This year we have a few exciting projects with partners and suppliers utilising waste fabrics and yarns and “reworking” vintage or deadstock garments. Some of these are happening now and already in the market, some are on hold due the current situation but there is a big push by us this year to reuse and rework. Watch out for those initiatives happening later this year.

2)We are working with many more organic fabrics now, and pushing all our suppliers to make fabrics from organic cotton and hemp, trying not to increase prices if we can.
Recycled fabrics and yarns are also playing an increased roll in our supply base, but early next year you will see more and more recycled fibre being used in  our products.

3) We try to make long lasting  garments, not about fashion so much as style and longevity. Garments that will last many seasons and are not devalued by trends.

4) We are also trying hard to remove all plastic packaging from our product. We have gone some way towards this and by the end of 2020 we will not be using damaging single use plastic bags at all, moving to better more plant based bags where we must use them.

5) We only work with small makers and factories who care about what they do.They all have workers with real skills who are properly rewarded for their efforts and who work in safe and secure environments. We care about our manufacturers and take our social responsibility very seriously as a company. Even in these difficult times as we honour our commitments to our partners and suppliers, we try to make our work as sustainable as we can.

We are not perfect and we make mistake and fail on some initiatives but will continue to try to make better and less impactful garments each day, each season each year.  

For no other reason that we want you to enjoy some of our organic cotton product, made with love in Portugal we are offering a 20% of all our organic T-shirt range for the next 24 hours.  Offer ends 23.04.20 at 13:00 BST.  

Peace, Love, and Soul. 

Universal Works.

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