Whether we’re sat shivering in beer gardens or speed-sipping cappuccinos on coffee shop benches in the rain, there’s no doubt that we’re all spending more time outdoors this spring – regardless of the weather. Meteorological variables aside, whether you’re a city dweller or a rural resident, there’s one garment facet that’s always guaranteed to help you feel prepared for whatever life throws your way – and that’s pockets.  


In our opinion, you can never have too many, which is why we’ve put a Universal Works modernising spin on the trusty fisherman’s waistcoat. With more pockets than Mr Motivator’s bum bag, this is the sleeveless salvation you’ve all been looking for. Cropped to the hip for maximum manoeuvrability and easy layering, this is a gilet with purpose. Waist adjustable tabs, comfy ribbed neckline and practical two-way zip, it brings the zen of waterside functionality to the urban environment. 

Forget about rods, reels, hooks and bait – think phones, wallets, ear-pods and car-keys; with the JoJo Angler’s Waistcoat, there’s a safe, press-studded pocket for every one of them. Made from robust and super durable 100% herringbone cotton (which, nerd fabric fact, was named after the distinctive chevron markings on the Herring fish) you can choose from a washed or unwashed indigo version. 


Jojo outside of his store 'Rag Parade' in Sheffield, England. 

David Keyte, the founder of Universal Works, named the JoJo after the proprietor of one of his favourite shops. As a no-holds barred believer in the power of pockets, he explains, “It’s a special item that sits somewhere between military wear and sports clothing – made especially for that British version of Ashtanga yoga that we call ‘Fly Fishing’! Now, I’m no expert salmon or trout catcher, but I’ve always admired the waistcoats those aficionados wear. What’s not to love? A sleeveless mid-layer with multiple pockets? It’s a thing of beauty in my book. 

The JoJo is my very own take on this. The pocket detailing was followed from an original angling piece that I bought from one of the best vintage stores in the world. A big claim maybe, but next time you’re in the fine South Yorkshire city of Sheffield, head to Rag Parade. I named it after JoJo, the owner. I hope you’ll like it as much as I do – and remember to check out the authentic ‘fly trap’ on the shoulder. We’ve even included a couple of ‘Gone fishin’ badges as well, just for good measure.”

If you’re angling for a look, just click here.