As part of the London Design Festival our neighbour at Coal Drop's Yard, Tom Dixon, teamed up with US, men's grooming brand Harry’s, to present Razor Bar a Touchy Feely barbershop for which we were asked to dress the barbers.

TouchySmellyFeelyNoisyTasty, Tom Dixon's theme for London Design week, where his space became a multi-sensory lab with interactive installations, workshops and talks inspired by the five senses and how they shape the future of design.

Tom says: ‘As designers, we look at everything. We determine the shape, the colours and the aesthetics of a space before anything else. But here in the Coal Office we wanted to explore the role that all our other – often lesser recognised senses – contribute to our experiences of design; the smell and the taste of a place, the textures and tone of a space, the sound of an interior or the weight of an object – or even the most intangible of all – the sixth sense. Hence why we have called this season TouchySmellyFeelyNoisyTasty, because after all, we are multi-sensory animals.’

Tom Dixon and Harry's collaborated over a custom, limited edition, razor handle which was available over the week in the Razor Bar a barbershop experience to 'celebrate shaving in all it's Feely glory'.

The co-designed razor handles were made up of a multitude of cylindrical aluminium blocks to be combined in multi ways to create a personalised handle. A limited number were available to assemble during London Design Festival.

To kick off the Razor Bar we went to the opening night, where we were able to get a first hand look a the razor collaboration of Harry's x Tom Dixon.


Tom Dixon