Despite its fairly recent, humble beginnings, fleece, synchilla, mountain fleece or whatever other name it is known by, has become so successful and ever-present that today it is a mainstay feature for outdoor enthusiasts and members of the fashion industry alike.

Ever wondered why polar bears stay so warm? Well, our fleece isn’t technically taken from polar bears in any way, shape or form, however the production of fleece fabric has in many ways taken influence from the animal kingdom. The brushed surface of fleece traps air in-between the fabrics fibres, naturally regulating heat, it is a great alternative to those who are sensitive to woolen fabrics, whilst the hydrophobic qualities of Polyester ensures that fleece is fast drying, even if you are caught out in a shower somewhere up Snowdon. Did we mention it also looks great?

Our version, called ‘Mountain Fleece’ is into it’s second season now, and we have introduced a new style for this AW20 collection called the Lancaster Crew, which fits in-between the aptly named Lancaster Jacket (releasing soon), and the Lancaster Gilet.

So whether you’re walking the local trail, or simply trying to stay warm during the autumn/winter nights, we think our ‘Mountain Fleece’ makes a great addition to any wardrobe.

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 Our Lancaster Jacket in Mountain Fleece.⁠  Now available with many UW stockists, reach out at for more info. Will be available online at Universal Works soon.


Shop our fleece selection here.