Universal Works ⁠presents, LOVE episode 2 of three film titled, “No Border, No Nations, Just people.” In the second episode artists and creatives discuss how it all started through music for them.


Big thanks to, Channel One Selector Mikey Dread, MC, Ras Kayleb, David Keyte, Don Letts, Paul Byrne, Paul Noble, Robert Gordon McHarh III, Raoul Shah.

Shot against the world class Spiritland soundsystem. 



Apiento aka Paul Byrne is a producer, DJ, and runs well known music blog ‘Test Pressing’. Founded in 2008, Test Pressing is renowned for preserving the archive of underground sound and being a solid representative for club culture, in general, Test Pressing and Apiento have made inroads in the industry. Paul explains how he first got into music.

“I ended up getting into electro when I was like 10 or 11 - mid 80s basically. It was kind of the thing to do in the suburbs I guess. Bit of break dancing and back spinning to Tour de France by Kraftwerk.”

Paul Wears; Hangout Jacket - Yellow Tek Wax, 'Save That Jersey' Embroidered Pocket Tee - Ecru, Military Liner Jacket - Navy Canvas,Military Chino - Navy Cotton Suiting II, Sebago John Trainer - Ecru Canvas.


Paul Noble is the founder and artistic director of the world-class and world-renowned Spiritland Soundsystem. Spiritland is also a bar and studio situated within our Coal Drops Yard Store’s neighbourhood, London’s King’s Cross. It has become a beacon for music lovers with its hi-spec sound systems and (in normal times) an extensive array of events and DJs.

Paul is also an experienced radio and digital producer with over 20 years in the industry as a Music Consultant, Sound Engineer and DJ.

We were lucky enough to use the Spiritland venue as the set of our film; we made good use of the soundsystem on the day and it is safe to say, it is incredible.


Paul wears; Three Button Jacket - Brown Linen Mix Suiting, Cardigan - Olive Dam Marl, Military Chino - Brown Linen Mix Suiting, Alpaca Sock - Brown Alpaca Wool, Sebago x UW.