We asked Universal Works designer David Keyte to fill us in on our the UW. classic Warmus Jacket.

"Named after the old English word for a "warm work jacket", sometimes written as Wa'mas, Wa'mus or War'mus. Who knows the best spelling or the best way to say it!

The Warmus Jacket reminds me of my great uncle, who was the station master in a small midlands railway station when I was a kid. He was a big scary man, but a "dresser" none the less and when he wasn't in his uniform jacket on the platform of his station, he'd be wearing a heavy warm work jacket. Usually in a thick cotton or wool fabric, but as he was a proper gentleman ( or he thought he was), he always had working cuff buttons on his jackets, so I wanted to add this feature too.

I was aiming for a jacket that was a little looser, woodier than our Bakers jacket, but a little shorter too. Perhaps a more styled fit and silhouette than the Bakers chore style. I was trying to make something, somewhere, in the perfect spot between casual and smart, and so became the Universal Works Warmus Jacket, or is that Wamus!?...”- David Keyte - Designer and Co-founder


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Photo credit, Left to right, Goodhood, VBS, Garmentory,
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