Taking a break from their usual day job, UW co-founders Stephanie and David visited the photo studio out of hours and temporarily stepped in as photographer and model. 

David Keyte, Kyoto Jacket Universal Works


Jacket - Sand Ripstop Kyoto Jacket
Shirt - Raisin Patch Shirt
Pant - Brown Seersucker Military Chino
Shoe - UW x Sebago John

David tells us more about the origins of the Universal Works Kyoto Work Jacket.

"The Kyoto Work Jacket was inspired during the times I spent in Japan, and some of the old work jackets I found in the thrift and vintage stores there. Hard-wearing simple tie front garments which are practical but to a western eye look unusual, bringing to mind those judo lessons you tried to get out of as a school kid.

I really liked the style and how you could wear it in multiple ways and wanted to make a UW version keeping its simplicity of shape and its functionality.

A traditional style in Japan that could equally work in a contemporary setting, something very Universal Works I feel. It could be worn as a work jacket in the workshop with its tough fabrics and multiple pockets inside and out, it can be a cardigan at home or it can be an over-shirt with a simple tee. For me, it's a perfect combination of all three. We developed two versions for different fabrics and uses, the full wrap of the Kyoto Work Jacket and the more shallow fronted Tie-Front Jacket version. "





stockists Kyoto Jacket Universal Works

 Photo credit, top left to right: Nitty Gritty, Universal Works, V Barber and Shop
Bottom left to right: Uncle Otis,  Instagram @cj_garcia, Universal Works,
 Photo credit, le shop sage