Hey! We are chuffed you like our new Baker-Tex™ Jacket in Work Blue Oil-ProTex™ Cotton Twill. Maybe you've already worked it out, but for the avoidance of doubt, it was in fact an April Fool's joke! We hope you appreciated the gag; we had a lot of fun putting it together!


If you really do like the jacket, we genuinely have one of these jackets in a size large, as seen and worn in the shoot. It is entirely unique - only one exists in the world. We have decided if anyone was genuinely interested in owning it, we would make it available to the highest bidder with 100% of the proceeds going to the Centrepoint charity, which provides help to support young homeless people. You can read more about the charity here. Please send your best and genuine bids to 'web@universalworks.co.uk' with the subject line 'Baker-Tex.'


Deadline: 23:59GMT on 1st April 2021.


Pies, loaves & sausage rolls.⁠⁠ 

Are you tired of your baked goods getting cold? Well, it's a goodbye to frosty flaky pastries and hello to hot, hot, hot.⁠

Introducing the Baker-Tex™ Jacket - a new creation from the UW Research & Design Lab. Based loosely on the 'Bakers Jacket' silhouette, The Baker-Tex™ Jacket comes with an internal insulated pocket to keep your favourite baked goods warm for later.⁠

Designed to withhold even the harshest of weather conditions to ensure your pasties, pastries and baked goods remain at optimum temperature for consumption. It features a specially formulated high-performance Oil-ProTex™ outer shell that offers high-performance protection from even the greasiest of flakes, whilst the 420D BoPET/Aluminium coated Baker-Tex™ pocket offers guaranteed cold-resistant properties for up to 8 hours, with 3x grip-seal closure.⁠

Which baked goods will you store in our new Baker-Tex™ jacket?⁠ 

The Limited Baker-Tex™ Jacket is available 01.04.21 at 11:59 am BST. ⁠⁠






Jacket available online at 11:59 am GMT  here.