Across the hallway from our Nottingham store on floor 1.5 of the Rough Trade Nottingham Joy and Wolfgang Buttress have installed the multi-sensory artwork ‘Swarm’ an installation made up of over 500 bee keeper gloves, 1 bee skep, a media play playing soundscape by BE and atomised scent extracted from Manuka honey. He unveiled the work last month with a talk about his art practice followed by an acoustic performance from BE, the musicians behind the acclaimed album ‘One’.  The installation is up in the store for the rest of the year so be sure to make it down to the Rough Trade building to take a look.

This weekend, Wolf is also organising a very special event at St. Mary’s Church in the Lace Market area of the city. It will be a multi-sensory experience with a live feed of 40,000 bees from a hive in Brackenhurst, Nottinghamshire, live interactive visual projections and a site specific scent created by perfumers - Haeckels. The scent is derived from botanicals from St. Mary’s Church gardens and Nottinghamshire honey that will made into and candles which will also illuminate the church. The St. Marys Choir will be accompanying BE on the live performance of “One” and it will make for a very special event.

The band BE is a project instigated by Wolf working with a collective of accomplished musicians including Tony Foster, Kev Bales, Deirdre Bencsik, Camille Buttress, inspired by the work of scientist Dr. Martin Bencsik and, of course, the dedicated efforts of 40,000 honey bees. The soundscape originated as the audible aspect of the sculpture called 'The Hive' which is situated at the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew and has also been released as an album entitled 'One' to much critical acclaim.

For the event, the vibrations of the bee colony housed at Brackenhurst, will be streamed live into the dramatic venue using state of the art technology. A 3D surround-sound system accompanied by compelling visual imagery will create a mesmeric spectacle complimenting the extremely talented musicians.




Swarm - Wolfgang Buttress