Our special deal today is the same as always. We continue to offer the same fair prices and great designs that we offer all year round at Universal Works.

This "Black Friday" we wanted to show some support by encouraging our readers to not forget the small guys. Why not check out many of our brilliant and independent stockists on-line and in-store, we can assure you - they do not disappoint. 

This year, in an effort to support small businesses around the world, we asked our global sales team and agents to share the love and recommend some of their favourite local independents.

Pictured here, Taeko with Eric from 505 our french sales team. 


Pictured above, Eric from 505 agency, our french sales team, and Taeko of Chez Taeko; a food stall in the Marché des Enfants Rouges in Paris.

505's founder, Franck tells us why chez Taeko is one of the teams favourite local eateries. 

"The Marché des Enfants Rouges is a 'must-visit' spot in Paris where you can find some exceptional food stalls selling a vast range of different cuisines from all over the world. One of our favourites is the Japanese restaurant and food stall Chez Taeko. 

Taeko, who runs the stall is a very nice woman with great taste. Not only with her authentic Japanese cooking but also in her unique style and passion for clothing!

The 505 team are big fans of Chez Taeko and it is our go-to place for grabbing food for our clients especially during the fashion selling period."



Pictured here, Volte Face store owner, Gabriel wearing the Universal Works Baker Jacket in Navy Twill.

Matin from MOM Agency, reveals a hidden gem, just a stones throw away from our London showroom, 

"Literally around the corner from the Universal Works showroom is a curious shop called Volte Face It is hard to describe but it is filled with things that are far from essential in life but certainly make it more fun. Weather it’s a Palm Tree in a snow globe or a piece of art. They describe themselves as a design-led gift shop.

Gabriel (in the pictures) runs the store and always keeps me up to date with new stock; mostly for me, but some of which finds its way in to the showroom.

Universal Works wholesale space now houses 3 different styles of architecture rendered in wooded building blocks, a Trompe-l’oeil lamp that refracts light, a set of shopping bags printed with Mexican day of the dead graphics and a set of tessellating drinks coasters that are more fun to play with than use for coffee cups. With holiday season upon us I can see the new Christmas Spacemen candles making an appearance soon. The store makes great gifting for things that make people smile."



Pictured here, Jessica and Jan from September Agency, Jessica wears Lumber jacket in Blue Fleece, Zip Gillet in Navy Wool fleece, Striped Patched Shirt, Sailor Pants in Navy Canvas, Jan is wearing, Three Button Jacket in Italian Tweed, Everyday shirt in Blue Oxford Cotton, Military Chino in Italian Tweed, P.B Cap.


Jan one half of September Agency who manages the Nordic sale region says,

"One of our favourite local businesses is Pan Vinyl, a second hand record store. The owner posts new arrivals of sought after records regularly on his Facebook page. You can make reservations online but they will only be considered after 24 hours as the owner prefer customers to visit his store and make the purchase in store which is a good thing for us as we live close by”


Pictured above, Melvin from Komet & Helden wears insulated Kyoto Work Jacket in Navy Canvas and Cardigan in Grey Wool Fleece.


Melvin from Komet & Helden our German agency tells us about one of his favourite independent brands (aside from UW of course ;)) 

"One of my favourite shops in Germany is THATBOII which is only based in Munich. What I really like about this Store and the brand is, that the overall aesthetic is reflected in the casual jumpers, T-shirts, hoodies, caps, and interior of this shop. It´s a way how simple styles can look amazing, just with a touch of creativity."