Pleated Track Pant - says our designer David Keyte...

Well my dictionary defines track pants as ‘a pair of trousers with elastic waist, loose leg with narrow hem made for athletic use but also often used for casual wear’  Do I need to say any more?

Our Pleated Track Pants fill the description and then some, track pants on acid maybe! They are looser than most and a little cropped and narrow at the hem, a kind of extreme yet flattering version of your favourite lounge ready pant.  In soft cord they are almost your best friend, in a cleaner wool they pass for a smart trouser, in a twill cotton they become your go to chinos. Whichever fabric they never lose their cool, oversized feel and look. As an added bonus they are majorly comfortable too. 

Head here to view our Pleated Track Pants.

Noah Wears Chocolate Patchwork Cord Pleated Track Pant in size 32


Photo Credit Left to Right: Dictionary Milano, UW people,  Farfetch
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Head here to view our Pleated Track Pants.