Words by David Keyte -

Can you improve on the Fatigue Pant ?

One of my favourite pants - loved by the military as well as painters and decorators alike. 

We have been making our version for almost 10 years, and after taking one of my old pairs that was reaching the end of its life, I decided to play with a few alterations and repairs.

One of the pockets had come loose over time so I replaced it with a pocket from another trial piece I had made, and used fabric from the same piece to add panels to make the thigh a little looser. I then narrowed the hem a little to give the overall leg shape a bit more of a contemporary aesthetic.

I love it when creative types will wear an oversized vintage fatigue pant in a modern way, and I wanted to take that idea to create a new version of our shape, and it's become my new favourite. Others will be left to decide if this is an improvement on a classic ...and don't get me wrong, I still love the classic and it continues to be a staple part of our range. But the Drop Crotch Fatigue... with the added pieces in contrast Japanese slub cotton -  I'm going to want in both colours!! 

universal works olive twill trousers and jacket

universal works kyoto work jacket with sebago


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