A few years ago we introduced what has now become one of our best selling and most popular items each season. But is it a shirt? or is it a Jacket? Well for us it's both but please never mix up the two words! 

We based this ‘shirt’ to look and feel a lot like our best-selling and classic UW Bakers Jacket. It's constructed in the same way we construct our regular shirts but with added pockets and a little more jacket-like construction, made by the same small maker in Portugal with great care and attention to detail. One of the best ways to get it this autumn is in this fine 14-wale cord, a perfect mid-weight traditional, yet functional fabric. If you're interested, 'wales' are the number of rows of raised rows of fibers per inch, proper old school!

It's a mid-weight shirt, we think you will want to wear it over a t-shirt in the autumn as a great layering piece, and going into winter it can be worn under a big winter coat or over a sweater or even another shirt as a lightweight jacket. It is really one of our classics and a firm staff favourite. So summed up it is a super versatile... OVERSHIRT! Just don't let David, our head designer, ever hear you call it a Shacket! 

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