Three Buttons Good. 

The best jackets in life are the no-brainers. You know the sort – they’re the solid, reliable ones that you never think twice about wearing. Everything works, everything fits and most importantly, they work with all your other togs. More friend than foe, we all need one of these trusty staples to help us sail through the unchartered waters we call life, because after the year we’ve all had, the last thing you should be complaining about is your bloody jacket. Makes sense then, to think about versatility. Who needs faff when can you press fast-forward to functionality? 

Universal Works crack the code (again) with a Spring 2021 update to the bestselling Three Button Jacket. Don’t panic – the only thing that’s changed is the fabric, but before we wax lyrical about the benefits of ripstop cotton, here are a few words from founder David Keyte on the foundations of the shape.

“The cut was based on this great 1950s ‘sports coat’ I found in a thrift shop in Koenji, Japan. The sizing was generous (that was the trend back then) but perfect for today’s silhouette. With a few adjustments to the pattern on the sleeves and shoulder, and some tweaks to the overall fit, we were in business. It’s casual enough to wear with jeans or combats but takes on a smarter attitude when you team it with matching trousers. Wear it for a walk down to the take-away or a stroll about in the park. And just think, sometime soon you’ll be able to stick a shirt underneath it for pint in the local, or a nice meal out in a restaurant…those days are coming.

Choosing to engineer this latest version in Japanese ripstop cotton really toughens up that single breasted blazer vibe. The fabric itself undergoes a special reinforcing process that increases the fibre’s tensile strength to help increase durability and prevent rips, tears and abrasions. If it were a branch of the armed forces, this particular 100% Tokyo ripstop would be the Marines – sturdy, rugged and always on duty. With a laid-back softness to the shoulders, half-back buggy lining and patch pockets a plenty, it slouches at the relaxed end of the formal spectrum. The signature micro-sized ripstop squares help it to bridge that fast-flowing rapid between classic smart and edgy tech, helping you look like a slightly snappier version of yourself. It should be a non-negotiable new entry to your lifelong everyday uniform, prepping you for when lockdown lifts and Pret (or Greggs) can re-open again.

Because no-brainer jackets are for life you know, not just the office."