A best selling shirt for Universal Works, that comes in a variation of fabrics, prints, and colours. David Keyte tells us the inspiration behind the UW. classic Road Shirt.

"As a young teenager, I read and re-read the classic book 'On The Road.' I wanted desperately to be like Jack Kerouac or Neil Cassidy, to be in the beat generation. If I am honest though it was not just the prose that excited me, I was also looking as much at what they wore!  I wanted to be on a road trip, carefree, and thinking crazy existential thoughts about life and travel!

More importantly, to me, I wanted to be wearing an homage to a 1950s, loose-fitting, short sleeve, flat collared, garage mechanics shirt, under the Californian sun. Well, I had to make do with the Skegness sun but that homage, the road shirt, came into being in the first summer collection of Universal Works back in 2010.  

I had been waiting to wear it for more than 30 years!  Now I wear it every summer and maybe soon I can dream of road trips again!" 


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Josh wears:

Shirt - Grey Ikat Flower Road Shirt

Pant - Ecru Natural Twill Fatigue Pant

Jewellery- Navy Hanami Necklace 

Hat - Ecru Natural Twill Field Cap

Left to right photo credit: Calculus, Universal Works,  Good Hood, End Clothing, Universal Works, Uncle Ottis.