When people say, ‘oh, you’ve never had it so good’, they were only right about one thing...pockets. We’re lucky, imagine kicking about in the 1600's. They had to cart stuff around in pouches, hung from string tied around their waists. Thankfully, things have progressed a bit since then, thanks to a bunch of clever 18th century tailors who road-tested the idea of sewing these ‘poques’ into the seams of garments instead. Nowadays we stuff our pockets with all sorts of rubbish, which is why it makes sense to wear garments with more than one. Patch, flap or jet – who cares? As long as it’s a safe place for your mobile, wallet, headphones, chewing gum, key fob or beanie. 

The Peacenik Jacket takes pockets very seriously. Speaking about the origins of this military-influenced addition for 2021, Universal Works founder and self-confessed pocket enthusiast David Keyte explains, “As a designer, I find inspiration in many forms, and here I was paying homage to the lightweight Nato DPM jackets worn by the British Army. I brazenly stole some of the details to make sure it kept those practical overtones in terms of the oversized shape and utilitarian comfort factors but decided to call it the ‘Peacenik’ instead, as a nod to pacifism and anti-war political activism.”

Available in Olive or Navy Ripstop Cotton, with five pockets (four large ones at the front and a cheeky fifth round the back), a lightweight corduroy collar and adjustable toggles at the waist and hem, this is a timeless piece guaranteed to offer some serious functionality. Secured at the front with a full-length zipper and poppers, the Peacenik Jacket is ideal for the trials and tribulations of urban living – tougher than Tom Cruise in Top Gun (if you ignore the heel lifts), it’s been engineered authentically to be worn over the top of multiple layers, so remember to size down if you prefer a slightly neater fit.


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