Back in 2014, we unveiled our "Workshop Denim"; our take on a classic five-pocket western jean, made in the UK using a Japanese denim. Whilst the result was some great UK-made jeans, we will be open about the fact that they were not received quite as well as we had hoped. Perhaps our customers didn’t see us as a place to buy jeans?


Universal Works "Workshop Denim"


So while we don't make five pocket jeans currently, we still love denim, we love the way it ages, the way it becomes yours the more you wear it. With each wearing It takes on something special, making each piece become unique to the wearer. We see it as a fabric with soul,  which is why you will see it in many weights, washes and finishes in our collections each season, and this year is no exception.


Universal Works "Workshop Denim"


Getting down to the nitty-gritty, we have something to satisfy all denim appetites. If you like a raw denim that you can wear in yourself,  then we have our 13oz Selvedge Denim. If you are looking for something a bit lighter, there is the 11oz Denim. Then we have our Hickory Striped Denim, a typical twill weave but with a high-contrast indigo stripe. 


Universal Works 13Oz Denim

Universal Works Hickory Striped Denim


Chambray and our Herringbone Denim have similarities because they also use indigo-dyed yarns, but each has its own properties and characteristics. Take our Herringbone Denim: incredibly soft and lightweight it comes in two washes: one is darker with a rinse wash and will fade over time, and for those in a rush for that faded denim look, we have a lighter version too.


Universal Works Faded Indigo and Indigo Herringbone. Brad Carter


It is also worth mentioning our Re-Worked Jean Cloth, which takes a more circular approach by utilising post-consumer, pre-loved denim to spin new yarns. So, there’s a small chance that you will end up wearing your old jeans again without realising. The result is a structured fabric that we have opted to use for a relaxed tailored jacket, our double-breasted Manor Jacket. To keep this silhouette contemporary, wear it with either our Hi Water Pant—a simple summer cropped tie-waisted trouser—or our Super Chino, which is like a Military Chino but a little looser, with a slightly cropped turn-up hem.


Universal Works Re-Worked Jean Cloth


Technically speaking, we should probably round this off by saying we love fabrics that use an indigo-dyed yarn, but it doesn’t quite have the same ring to it. So, we will close by reaffirming that we love denim in whatever form it comes and re-clarify that it most definitely need not be a cloth reserved just for jeans, our collections being the case in point.