Universal Works ⁠presents a short film titled, “No Border, No Nations, Just people.”   

In a time of great upheaval globally, we come together with friends and music heads in the industry and celebrate our love, memories, and community through music. 

The first part episode of the three part film will be released soon. Stay Tuned!

Peace, Love and Soul.



MC @ras.kayleb
Track by Fat Frog - Dub By Dub (Dougie Conscious Mix)
Film maker @jackisflynn 

Big thanks to, Channel One Soundsystem DJ selector, Mikey Dread,  MC, Ras Kayleb,  British film director, DJ and musician, Don Letts, founder and artistic director of Spiritland, Paul Noble, producer and founder of Test Pressing label, Paul Byrne, Canadian artist Robert Gordon McHarh III, founder and CEO of Exposure Raoul Shah and Universal Works co-founder David Keyte, against the world class Spiritland soundsystem. 


Letts wears: Zip Waistcoat - Olive Japanese Flower II, Treck Shirt - Olive Super Fine Cord, Military Chino - Olive Fine Weave Cotton, UW. X Sebago Buckle Koala -  Olive Suede

Don Letts, is a renowned filmmaker and musician who was the driving force behind a whole generation of punks turning their ear to reggae in the late 70s.

During his time DJing at the first punk club, 'The Roxy' in 1977, Don made his first film 'The Punk Rock Movie'. The documentary is one of a kind, the only film made on the UK punk scene; featuring The Sex Pistols, The Clash, and many others. It was on the back of this work that Letts directed over 300 music videos for a diverse range of artists, including the great Bob Marley.

“My point of entry into style-driven subcultures would have been the skinhead movement, the fashion version, not the fascist version. Trojan Records were capturing the imagination of the youth, black and white, on the streets and on the dance floors.”

Gordon wears: Treck Shirt - Black Super Fine Cord, Aston Pant - Black Twill, Neckerchief - Red Classic Bandana


Robert Gordon McHarg III, the Canadian artist who previously owned ‘Subway Gallery’ a 1960’s abandoned kiosk located in the Marylebone flyover in London.

One of his most memorable exhibitions is of the work of his long-term friend and all-around inspiration, Joe Strummer. The exhibition included original writings, Clash song lyrics, photographs, and memorabilia of the singer. Gordon recalls memories of one of his favourite gigs.

“Seeing The Clash was like a real personal hit, I felt that was for me and I just had such a great dance. It was good, I was just kicking a lot of people, I just, I just wanted room.”